January 15, 2018

We are within the Universe and Universe is within us. How? We will prove it with a simple science and knowledge about the origin of our cosmos. So, let's get started.


We know that particles are divided into two groups- Fermions and Bosons. Bosons are carrier of nature's forces and fermions are the building blocks of matter. Fermions have a quantum mechanical characteristic that makes them"antisocial". This antisocial characteristic gives rigidity to the matter. Imagine if it doesn't constitute any antisocial behavior , our  universe would be collapsed as gravity pulled everything together.


Fermions are of two types - Quarks and Leptons. Quarks are the particles having fractional charges. There are three fundamental particles- proton , neutron and electron. But except electron , the remaining two particles are not the smallest and can be further divided! Hold your interest because now we are going to further divide these particles. Quarks are of six types- up , down , charm , strange , top and bottom. Only up and down Quarks are stable. These two quarks mostly constitute the matter. Protons are made up of two up and one down quark and neutron is made up of one up and two down quarks. An up Quark has a charge of +2/3 and a down Quark has a charge of -1/3.


Leptons , on the other hand include electron , muon and tau with an electric charge -1.

Muons were first found among cosmic rays hitting Earth's