Spooky Tangled at a Distance

July 15, 2019

Recently, scientists from University of Glasgow have been able to capture the first of a quantum entanglement, a breath taking achievement in the field of physics. But most of us will wonder what is   quantum     physics. If you would have seen the Bollywood movie ‘Judwaa’, then   be proud, you know a bit about quantum Entanglement. But it’s not all about feeling the punch by one when his duplicate gets punched, quantum Entanglement is more about physics. So, lets dig deeper into it.


What is quantum Entanglement?

Quantum Entanglement is a physical phenomenon existing between two similar particles or groups of particles interact and share spatial proximity such that the quantum state of one particle cannot be determined individually without the other, even if both the particles are in two different places. In simple words, any affect to one quickly affects the other, distance between then not taken in to account.

Einstein defined this as a ‘spooky action at a distance’ and now that ‘spookiness’ has been captured in a camera. Einstein made quantum entanglement famous and the late physicist John Stewart Bell helped define quantum entanglement and established a test known as ‘Bell Inequality’.  Basically, if you can break Bell inequality, you can confirm true quantum entanglement.